What is organic and fair trade chocolate?

We are often faced with consumer mistrust when it comes to mentioning “organic and fair trade ”. So here is a quick explanation of these designations.

Organic is first of all a requirement of production quality, respectful of the environment and not using chemical, toxic or other products. It is a method of cultivation that uses special agricultural techniques . Organic farming promotes natural raw materials and bans additives, preservatives, fertilizers, treatments and other artificial pesticides.

A finished product said to be organic, then undergoes a large number of criteria, rules, and requirements, guaranteeing its quality.

And what about fairness in all of this then?

Our chocolate (from Ecuador, Sao Tome, Peru and the Dominican Republic) comes from producing countries in which working conditions are difficult. These are poor countries that are often exploited by richer and developed countries like France. Even today, it is not surprising to see children, minors, or simply employees working in terrible conditions. By having the certification of a fair trade product, we participate in the evolution of these techniques and these rules of use. We defend principles allowing them to work in more pleasant conditions, with decent wages. This promotes their development and the long-term improvement of their living conditions in general. We must not forget that it is thanks to them and their work that we can enjoy our good chocolate.

To make our chocolates, we work with quality products and raw materials, only from organic farming. This gives us an important value, making them safe and respectful of the nature around us. In addition, our chocolate is also fair and it helps to develop working and enrichment conditions in cocoa-producing countries, far from our European comfort. It is important for us to support these productions and to honor their work and their environmental richness.

As a consumer, you then have, with Les chocolats de Maud, the guarantee that your chocolate from organic farming respects the environment, the animals, the producers and yourself.